The Symposium will be held at University of California Santa Cruz in the Digital Arts Research Center, room 108 (The Black Box Theatre).

1. AIR TRAVEL: Santa Cruz does not have an airport. The nearest airports are San Jose  (30 miles) and San Francisco (70 miles)

2. GETTING TO SANTA CRUZ: there are several shuttle services between these airports (SJC and SFO) and Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Airport Flyer or Early Bird Airport Shuttle

There is also a Metro bus that travels from San Jose to Santa Cruz, over highway 17. This bus is called the Amtrak Highway 17 express. It does not provide service directly from the airport. You can catch this bus at the San Jose Caltrain station.


Santa Cruz is a coastal town with a robust tourist industry. There are numerous hotels but they book quickly and are, unfortunately, expensive. The symposium has negotiated deals and block booking at the following hotels:

Listed by proximity to campus

  1. Sunset Inn

2424 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060              (831) 423 7500

To book a room here, please call them by Monday March 23rd. Reference the ‘Poetics and Politics Symposium’ to receive the following rate:

  • Fri May 15th                           $159 + tax
  • Saturday May 16th                 $179 +tax
  • Sunday May 17th                       $109 +tax
  1. The Dream Inn    

175 West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, CA 95060              831.426.4330

To book a room here, please do so by Wednesday April 15th.

If you book online, navigate towards the Group ID field, then enter 1505ucscpo

Or, you can call and reference the ‘Poetics and Politics block’

  • King                                 $269 + tax
  • Queen                              $289 + tax
  1. The Holiday Inn Express

1410 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060               (831) 466 9100

To book a room here, please call them by Wednesday April 15th. Reference the ‘Poetics and Politics Symposium’ to receive the following rate:

Flat rate                           $199 + tax

Beyond these three options, there numerous other hotels in the area. Be sure to ask about access to public transportation and the university when booking


If you need less expensive accommodations, AirBnB ( is your best option. The university is located on the west side and easily accessible by bus. And so, finding a place on the west side and close to bus service will make your life easier. Ask your potential AirBnB host about ease of access to the university and feel free to contact Irene ( if you need advice about a rental location.

Regardless of your choice, please do not wait until the last minute to book your accommodations!



Bus service Santa Cruz Metro Bus Service provides service from Santa Cruz to the campus. Their website includes a helpful Trip Finder

A free campus shuttle also services the campus itself, making a loop around the perimeter of the campus and joining up with the Metro Service

Metered parking is available in front of the DARC. Day parking permits are also available (contact for more information)

5. THE DARC (Digital Arts Research Center): is located in the theatre arts complex, at the center of campus. Map

6. CAMPUS MAPS: are available here

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